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About us

Charlie, the inspiration behind La Boulangerie pour Chiens

We created La Boulangerie pour Chiens (The Dog Bakery) in 2013, after we became parents to Charlie, a beautiful beagle puppy.

It's all his fault ;)

We wanted the very best for Charlie - lots of walks and fresh air, fun toys, cuddles, training, and of course - fresh, healthy food and treats

The first few are easy, we love spending as much time with Charlie as possible!  But when it came to buying good, healthy treats - well, we couldn't find any.  Everything was packed with preservatives, artificial colours and with use-by-dates years away.  Very few were suitable for young puppies.  We also didn't like buying from companies that don't support organic farming practices.

So we started making our own.  We wanted freshly baked dog treats, using only organic ingredients sourced right here in France.  Super delicious biscuits, small enough to be used for training purposes, dry and without odour (so you can carry them in your pocket), and most importantly - fresh!

Charlie LOVED the biscuits.

Our friends' dog's loved them too.  They started asking for their own bags of biscuits.  They shared them with their friends, workmates and family.  Suddenly we had orders.

And voila.  La Boulangerie pour Chiens was born.

Baked daily by hand, we post our fresh bakery treats to lucky puppies and dogs throught Europe.  We're constantly adding new products, creating and testing new recipes and researching and sourcing lovely, wholesome ingredients to use in our dog treats.

We're also committed to maintaining our low environmental impact promise: to source our organic ingredients locally wherever possible; use eco-friendly packaging for our biscuits;  to run a (nearly) paper-less office, amongst many other things.  You can read more about that here: Our environmental promise